The Adventure docs are currently a work in progress and supplement the Javadocs. Some areas may have limited coverage or may not be entirely up to date. Feel free to join our Discord if you have any questions.

Text Serializers#

The lowest-level way to convert between Adventure’s data and other formats are serializers. Some serializers convert to standard formats, while others convert to Adventure’s own formats.


Components can be converted using any of these serializers:

// Creates a text component
final TextComponent textComponent = Component.text("Hello ")
      decoration(TextDecoration.BOLD, true)

// Converts textComponent to the JSON form used for serialization by Minecraft.
final String json = GsonComponentSerializer.gson().serialize(textComponent);

// Converts textComponent to a legacy string - "&6Hello &b&lworld&c!"
final String legacy = LegacyComponentSerializer.legacyAmpersand().serialize(textComponent);

// Converts textComponent to a plain string - "Hello world!"
final String plain = PlainTextComponentSerializer.plainText().serialize(textComponent);

The same is of course also possible in reverse for deserialization.

// Converts JSON in the form used for serialization by Minecraft to a Component
final Component component = GsonComponentSerializer.gson().deserialize(json);

// Converts a legacy string (using formatting codes) to a TextComponent
final Component component = LegacyComponentSerializer.legacyAmpersand().deserialize("&6Hello &b&lworld&c!");

// Converts a plain string to a TextComponent
final Component component = PlainTextComponentSerializer.plainText().deserialize("Hello world!");