Migrating from text 3.x

Adventure is an evolution of the text 3.x API. If you’ve worked with the text API before, the switch to Adventure should be relatively quick. For the most part, you’ll just need to depend on the Adventure API and the relevant Platforms you support and replace references to classes in net.kyori.text to net.kyori.adventure.text, though see below for major breaking changes.

A word of caution

However, before you continue, it is strongly recommended you read about Audiences. Unlike text, Adventure defines a standard interface for sending content (including chat messages) to viewers. In addition, Adventure defines interfaces for other gameplay mechanics that can be arbitrarily sent to players.

Breaking changes from text 3.x

Factory methods renamed

In text 3.x, components could be constructed using the <type>Component.of() methods. In Adventure, we’ve changed to using Component.<type>(/*...*/) style methods to allow for easier static imports.

Similarly, Style.of(/*...*/) is changed to Style.style(/*...*/).


Builders are now created by calling the aforementioned factory methods with no parameters. For example, TextComponent.builder() becomes Component.text().

Note that the equivalent of TextComponent.builder("hello") is Component.text().content("hello").

.append() with a String argument

Component builders in 3.x had a shorthand for appending a new text component: builder.append("wow"). In Adventure you have to write it in full, builder.append(Component.text("wow")) in this case.


In text 3.x, you would deserialize a component that used a color code prefix that differed from the section symbol normally used by using LegacyComponentSerializer.legacy().deserialize(string, altChar). In Adventure, the API to use is LegacyComponentSerializer.legacy(altChar).deserialize(string).

To make a linking serializer you have to use the builder. Change LegacyComponentSerializer.legacyLinking(style) to LegacyComponentSerializer.builder().extractUrl(style).build().

TextColor renamed to NamedTextColor

In order to accommodate the new RGB colors introduced in 1.16, all the named text colors were moved to the NamedTextColor class. References to the old TextColor class should be updated to refer to NamedTextColor.


If you have a need to interoperate with clients using the old text 3.x API, you can use the adventure-text-serializer-legacy-text3 artifact, which includes a LegacyText3ComponentSerializer that can convert from Adventure to text 3.x components and back. Note that RGB colors will be downsampled.